A bunch of hellos and goodbyes

When you tackle the roll as a mother you aren’t just taking on sleepless nights and constant worrying, you are taking on an entire new identity. It is nearly impossible (unless, you can afford to pay a live-in nanny to raise your child) not to lose yourself in the mist of this new adventure. From your ever changing wardrobe to those new wider set hips. There is no turning back. Time to trade that glass of Pinot Noir for a bottle of milk.

You think it’ll get easier as your child becomes older; newborn stage officially ends okay, that wasn’t so bad then baby starts crawling and chewing on everything in sight, hello teeth. Teething ends. Baby is now attached and the rare moment she’s not, you’re wondering why she doesn’t want you. Being a parent only becomes more difficult with each new month you welcome.

The first time my daughter slept nearly the entire night without nursing, I bawled. Wait. I wanted this, I needed this. Sleep. The past nine-months I have been begging for just five minutes to close my eyes and now that she’s sleeping for almost six hours, I have no idea what to do. This is the tricky part about parenting. You want nothing but to see your baby grow and succeed at all things they tackle, but the moment they do, you find yourself waving goodbye to sweet memories you wish you would have cherished just a little bit more.

Ten months. Only two more months until my once two-pound daughter will be turning one. Damn. I have my moments when I reflect on the past and wish I would have done some things differently but I remind myself that we are where we are today because of the good and bad times. I have learned to function on literally no sleep and dress myself in the dark. My daughter has learned to breathe on her own and is about to master walking! We have both learned, together, that falling is okay as long as we get back up and try again.


Goodbye month nine. Hello month ten.


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